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Layered Concrete Floors

Layered and Dust Coated Concrete

In the old days it was quite common for the concreter to layer the concrete with a stone dust cement mix , for strength or colour.These layers of dust and cement can be quite difficult to remove ,thus hindering the aggregate exposure, sometimes grinding is not an option and the only way to remove this layer is to profile or plane the layer off, these machines can remove up to 1 cm in one pass , then grinding and polishing would be possible.

The process of polishing concrete floors involves cutting, removing, grinding and coating or finish. The concrete floor is cut few times to expose desired aggregate. This process of cutting is done either on wet surface or dry based on the site surface. This process is carried out before erection of walls to minimize the mess and to ensure a better finish. Imperfections and air bubbles in the surface are rectified by grouting with cement. The surface is cut twice after grouting. Concrete hardener or indensifier is used on the surface to give it a glossy finish and extra strength before it is cut further. The surface is cut three more times before final polishing. Once final polishing is done the surface is sealed with either diamond finish or epoxy finish.

Polished concrete floors do not chip like other flooring such as timber and tile and are easy to clean and maintain. Mopping with mild soap water is all that is required to clean polished concrete floors.

Sealing process is very important for concrete floors that experience heavy crowd. The process of sealing will prevent damage caused to the glossy and smooth surface of the floor due to stamping. The shine and the original beauty of the floor will be lost if the top layer is damaged exposing sand and aggregate.

The sealant layer protects concrete around the aggregate preventing it from getting exposed. If this concrete is left without sealing then slowly it starts to wear making stones to loosen and come out making the floor look ugly and patchy.

All the above procedure should be perfectly carried out to give the floor a perfect finish and that glossy look. Only experienced and reputed concrete grinding and polishing company can carry out the concrete flooring job perfectly.JV Concrete grinding and polishing company uses latest equipment with advanced technology to give polished concrete floors that perfect look.

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