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Highpolished Concrete Floors

Highpolished Concrete Floors

Highpolished concrete floors are super smooth and have a glossy finish; not only make best flooring options for industrial, warehouse and workplaces but also to your homes. Mirror finish of these concrete floors is not just appealing in looks but saves you lot of money and time as it cuts down your labor and material cost by a considerable amount.

Highpolished concrete floor, is a process involving different types of grinding levels ,these consist of a surface polish which requires the existing concrete be heavily troweled , second ,light grind that exposes a light aggregate ,medium grind,
which shows a medium aggregate stone ,and then a heavy grind ,that exposes as much of the aggregate as possible.The concrete is then polished with an intermediate diamond to remove the scratches , then a grouting compound is applied to fill in holes and cracks .The concrete is then hardened using a special densifier / hardener.

This increases the surface strength of the concrete by 400%.

Concrete is polished to a required  level of shine that is long lasting and maintenance free ,also a protective penetrating sealer is applied.

Grinding and polishing of the concrete floor depends on the customers taste and requirement. While few may like grinding only top and few other deeper to expose the aggregate. Some contractors add special rocks and other material to the concrete to match it to the décor of the room or the place.

Type of highpolished required by the structure will be specified by the architects .Then the contractors delivers the requirement by using right mix of concrete to give right finish to the floor. Only trained and reputed contractors can deliver right, flat and super smooth concrete floors.

The area of concrete floor that can be polished in a day can vary widely with every contractor and if an experienced and efficient crew handles the same can cover several thousand square feet per day.

Many may feel that highpolished concrete floor being super smooth can be slippery but if kept free from dust and other particles these floors are not slippery. However if customers like it to be safe at the same time super smooth then the surface can be coated with non-slippery products. High polished concrete floors are easy to maintain and only requires buffing and resealing by professionals once in every ten years, but greatly depends on the traffic it bears and the wear it gets.

How to clean high polished concrete floors?

Any spills on the floor should be cleaned immediately.

In case of heavy soiling, deal with the heavy soiled places first and then clean entire floor surface.

A PH neutral detergent should be used to clean High polished concrete to prevent the finish from damage.

High polished concrete floors are easy to install, clean, maintain and last long. This flooring enhances looks of your home or office and can look great in all rooms and corners of your home. All you need to do is call us at JV Concrete Grinding and Polishing and leave your flooring worries to us. We are experts in delivering the best when it comes to high polished concrete floors.

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