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Coated Concrete Floors

Coated Concrete Floors

Concrete floors are coated to protect the surface from stain, abrasion and chemicals.The surface of the concrete floor is slightly porous and hence can absorb soluble contaminants, dust and water that can lead to degradation of the floor. The process of coated concrete floor remains same as high polishing floor but here the surface is sealed after final stage of polishing.

Coated concrete floors are coated with sealers to achieve the desired glossy finish using polyurethane or epoxy. There are two types of sealing process of coated concrete floors; diamond finish and epoxy finish. Diamond finish process involves grinding or sanding of the surface 3-4 times using sand paper and then sealing is done with tile or stone sealer. Epoxy finish has two finishing layers where various types of sand paper are used to grind the layers and then sealed. Both the sealing systems are effective in protecting the surface from building mould and retaining water.

Concrete floors are coated for the following reasons:


Coating concrete floor gives the concrete floor shiny and glossy look that is highly attractive in looks. Clean and shining floor has always a positive impact on the people walking on them and boosts confidence of workers and staff in workplaces with coated concrete floors.

Easy to Maintain

Coated concrete floors are easy to clean and maintain as coating acts as a barrier between the surface and the dust or water. Coating keeps the floors moist free and minimizes the efforts of scrubbing and sweeping. Mopping with warm and mild soap water can get back that shine to your floor.

Last for Years

Coated concrete floors last for many years without repairs and can withstand from wear of vehicle traffic .The coating protects the concrete and exposed aggregate and make it last long for many years.

Reflective Property

A shining or coated concrete floor has reflective property where it reflects light. This property of the coated concrete floor will make your facility, workplace or home a well lit place without use of auxiliary lighting.

We at JV Concrete Grinding and polishing can restore eroded floors by repairing cracks and damages caused by vehicle, mechanical or chemical abuse and make them look beautiful, smooth and glossy.

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